We help you to map out your company´s or brand´s current position and to reach your planned goals.

The interim marketing manager helps to develop a strategic marketing plan that sets a clear path for the organisation to achieve measurable marketing goals. By creating a comprehensive marketing plan, the interim marketing manager evaluates the company’s internal opportunities as well as resources and fills in any missing gaps to ensure that the marketing plan is implementable. This includes brand positioning, email marketing, social media management, website texts and content creation, webinars, SEO and media communication.

By producing a strategic marketing plan, we analyse:

  • Company´s marketing – brand and/or communication strategy and its consistency with the company’s goals.
  • Company and/or brand positioning compared to competitors.
  • The mapping of the target group of the service or product and the company´s value-based proposition to its customers.
  • The choice and effectiveness of marketing channels (including digital channels) together with the corresponding indicators.
  • The success of marketing campaigns and the coherence with the company’s sales activities.
  • According to the strategic marketing plan, we help to create bespoke marketing materials and implement all the necessary marketing activities.

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If you also want to get a bigger picture of your marketing activities that would be in line with the goals of the whole company, feel free to contact us and we will help you to create and implement such a plan!