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This privacy policy overview provides information on how and why Külalisjuht OÜ collects, processes and shares the data of visitors to the website (incl. Senders of inquiries, subscribers to the newsletter). The Privacy Policy is based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which can be found on the official website https://www.eugdpr.org/eugdpr.org-1.html.

The purpose of the privacy policy is to ensure the privacy of customers in accordance with the laws of the Estonia and the legislation of the European Union.

“Personal data” includes any information about an identified person. For example, name, phone number, postal address, e-mail address. “Personal data” also includes information collected by Külalisjuht OÜ website visits, various social media channels and the use of the services we offer.

By using the website owned by Külalisjuht OÜ, you agree to the use of cookies and the conditions of processing personal data, which are described in our Privacy Policy. The privacy policy and cookies on the website are valid from 28.08.2020.

Whose data does Külalisjuht OÜ process?

Külalisjuht OÜ uses the data of those who have sent a request (a question, for example, via a contact form or e-mail) about our services or have previously used the services or are still using the services. Also, the data of those who have subscribed to the newsletter or downloaded the materials distributed by Külalisjuht OÜ.

Purposes and legal bases for the processing of personal data

We process the personal data of Külalisjuht OÜ customers, in order to provide existing customers (and also potential) with better quality service and more accurate information.

We collect data on the performance and usability of Külalisjuht OÜ’s marketing channels (incl. website, social media). In addition, if possible, we collect data on the interests and goals of potential customers in order to increase the level of our customer communication, better understand the real interests and goals of customers and provide higher quality service, more accurate information and ensure (improve) Külalisjuht OÜ website user-friendliness.

Külalisjuht OÜ processes personal data for the following purposes: creation and management of the customer base; offering new services to the customer and supplementing (improving) existing services; correct response to customer (including potential) inquiries; analysis and improvement of Külalisjuht OÜ services; management and better operation of Külalisjuht OÜ marketing channels (incl. website).

How Külalisjuht OÜ collects personal data

We collect personal data directly from data subjects with their consent, either by e-mail, receiving feedback with an inquiry form (including agreeing to receive letters from us). In addition, we use automatic data collection tools (eg Google Analytics), including cookies (which record website usage activities), which help to better optimize the Külalisjuht OÜ website user experience and thus ensure the high quality of services offered and customer-friendly navigation on the website.

We use cookies and pixel tags on the website, which are optional for each visitor to the website and can be refused.

A cookie is a small text file that a web server sends to a user’s web browser (such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera) and is stored on the user’s computer hard drive (usually under Temporary files). Cookies allow you to remember user preferences (such as font size, communication language, computer location, device information, most visited websites / addresses, etc.) in order to provide the customer with a faster and “smarter” operation of the web browser (mentioned web browser). Browsers are set to allow cookies by default, but there is the option to manually change the settings so that the browser refuses cookies, blocks third-party cookies, notifies the user of each cookie sent. If the last point is not activated, it is recommended to do so in order to get an overview of the websites that store the user’s personal data.

A pixel tag is a small snippet of code on your website that allows you to set and read cookies. Pixel tags are triggered when a user opens an email, for example, arrives at a website. It is then registered that the user has opened the e-mail or downloaded third-party cookies.

Cookies used by Külalisjuht OÜ:

  • Permanent cookies (if the visitor gives consent, they are stored on the user’s computer after closing the web browser), the purpose of which is to remember the customer’s choices on the websites of Külalisjuht OÜ. Persistent cookies may be used, for example, to identify you as a repeat visitor to a website (such as using Google ReMarketing) and to customize the content of the website to meet your needs or to collect statistics.

Cookies are used on our websites to offer a better user experience to the visitor of the Külalisjuht OÜ website. Cookies allow our web servers to recognize the homepage of Külalisjuht OÜ and automatically adjust the content of the website (advertising displayed to the customer) to suit your needs if you continue to visit the page and return to the page in the future. The use of cookies makes it easier to identify the needs of website users. Cookies allow us to collect user statistics that help us measure and improve the performance of our website.

The cookies used by Külalisjuht OÜ can be created by various service providers who help us to promote our web services. Examples of such providers are Google and Facebook.

Users of our websites are considered to accept cookies if cookies are enabled in their browser settings. If you do not accept cookies, not all services and features of our website may work properly.

You can always decide for yourself whether to allow cookies in your browser settings. If you do not want cookies, set your web browser to automatically disable cookies or to notify you each time a website asks for permission to add a cookie. Please refer to your browser’s help function to make the necessary settings.

More detailed use of cookies by Külalisjuht OÜ:

  1. Analytical cookies. Collect information about how the website is used – which content pages are visited and how long you will be staying; which content pages are used the most; what is searched for on the website, etc. Analytical cookies do not collect information in order to be able to directly identify the user of the website. Analytical cookies are, for example, Google Analytics cookies. Külalisjuht OÜ’s websites use Google Analytics data, which is collected mainly through the services provided by Google Analytics and is subject to the Google Analytics terms and conditions.
  2. Advertising cookies. Help deliver (appear on some ad networks) user-targeted ads. For example, the Facebook Pixel code has been added to the website of Külalisjuht OÜ, which helps the visitor to display targeted advertisements on Facebook. If you no longer want to see the advertisement of Külalisjuht OÜ’s website on Facebook, you can disable it under Facebook preferences. You go to https://www.facebook.com/ads/preferences and delete “advertisers you’ve interacted with” any websites that you no longer want to see.

When blocking cookies, please note that not all functions of the website may be available. You can also manually re-enable cookies later in your web browser.

Personal data processed by Külalisjuht OÜ

Contact details: name, e-mail address, telephone number.

Data generated during the filling in of the inquiry, newsletter form and sending an e-mail: company name, personal identification code / registry code, VAT number, legal address, customer preferences related to Külalisjuht OÜ services, data sent in the inquiry form, data sent by e-mail to Külalisjuht OÜ contacts.

Data collected automatically: data received from the user’s web browser (type of web browser), device type (device used to visit the website), communication language, website address (incoming link to Külalisjuht OÜ website, which content pages the user studied, how long he was on certain pages, user IP address and other such homepage statistics.

Data collected by sending e-mails (newsletters) sent by Külalisjuht OÜ: data on which e-mails, how many and when and how the user opened them.

Other personal information: Information that you have made publicly available or available to us on third party social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, etc.

Külalisjuht OÜ does not process special types of personal data.

Sharing of personal data by Külalisjuht OÜ

Külalisjuht OÜ does not transfer the customer’s data outside the European (EU) Economic Area and does not share personal data with third parties (except under the conditions set out in the following clause). All data is used only for customer communication and for product and service development purposes. We may share personal information in the following cases: debt collection; State Supervision Authorities and the Police; Public feedback with customer consent.

Storage and security of your personal information

Külalisjuht OÜ may send customers information about services, offers and news if the customer has given us their contact information or agreed to receive information from us. The customer receives the information until the customer requests unsubscribing or leaves the group of newsletter recipients.

Külalisjuht OÜ retains personal data for as long as it is necessary. The term of data retention also depends on the need to respond to data subjects’ inquiries, solve various problems and the need to comply with legal document retention requirements.

Regarding the security of personal data, we try our best to prevent unauthorized access to the data. Reasonable protection measures with technical and physical restrictions have been established for the protection of personal data collected and processed by Külalisjuht OÜ. We guarantee access to data only in accordance with the applicable legislation, and at the same time we protect the confidentiality of personal data as much as possible.

Customer rights

The Client has the right to access the Client’s own personal data processed and stored by Külalisjuht OÜ and the right to demand the correction of inaccuracies.

To cancel the marketing notice received by Külalisjuht OÜ, please follow the cancellation instructions in the footer of the marketing notice.

Külalisjuht OÜ must observe several customer rights: with the right of rectification, the customer has the right to demand that incorrect personal data related to him or her be corrected without delay; The customer has the right to request the deletion of his data if certain additional conditions are met. The customer has the right to request the processing of his or her personal data.

If the processing of personal data is based on the customer’s consent, the customer has the right to withdraw this consent at any time.

Other Provisions

Külalisjuht OÜ may unilaterally change these terms and conditions from time to time and without prior notice to ensure our compliance with the law and / or generally accepted practices regarding cookies. The laws of the Estonia apply to this Privacy Policy.