Product development or service design requires thorough planning and can use up a lot of your company’s resources. The interim marketing manager can help you make the whole process of launching a new product smoother and faster and do it on a project basis. Having been responsible for international product development teams for 15 years, we have significant experience in various product development processes; we understand the importance of following the schedule and the critical need for innovation to differentiate from competitors.

  • We help to identify competitors
  • Find the advantages of a new product and positioning opportunities in the local or export market
  • Segment different audiences and how to approach them
  • Organise and facilitate brainstorming to generate new ideas
  • Find the right pricing to optimise the profit
  • Specify brand messages and communication channels
  • Contact the media to promote your service and/or product
  • Analyse opportunities to enter exporting countries.

If you are also looking for unique, innovative and fresh ideas and exciting products to surprise your customers with, then contact us and we will be delighted to share our ideas and tricks for successful product development!