The interim marketing manager as a service is an innovative and flexible form of management that helps a company to hire a specialist to:

  • provide bespoke expert advice
  • bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to the organisation
  • quickly replace a vacant staff position
  • save on labour costs
  • increase the effectiveness of the project – the results of the interim marketing manager are defined by precise indicators
  • ensure the necessary resources quickly and flexibly – the interim marketing manager can be hired at a short notice and is able to solve various bottlenecks
  • reduce the need to use agencies and consultants. The interim marketing manager operates as a member of a company’s team and takes responsibility for implementation and end results.
  • You can hire the interim marketing manager for 1 month or 1 year – for exactly as long as you need!
  • You can pay for the service on a project or an hourly basis.

Get the most of the interim marketing manager as a service with these 5 steps:


Formulate a task


Listen to the suggested solutions


Sign a cooperation agreement


Cooperate in project implementation


Summarise the results

Check out all the services we can offer as a interim marketing manager to help you grow your business and bring more customers.