Interim marketing manager can help, if you…


As an entrepreneur, your workload has become unmanageable and increasingly you find yourself sacrificing your personal time. However, you do not want to hire a full-time marketing manager. The service of an interim marketing manager is flexible and can help you immediately.


For further growth of your company, you need a bigger picture of marketing activities and a strategic marketing plan that aligns with your company’s vision. The interim marketing manager has long-term national and international marketing experience and expertise and brings fresh perspectives to the company as an external expert.


Your current marketing activities on digital channels could be more successful and/or you have a database of potential customers you are currently not reaching. The interim marketing manager helps to analyse whether the company uses the best channels to reach its customer segments and offers the latest proven digital solutions.


Your company’s product or service portfolio needs a thorough revamp, but you feel that the ideas are repetitive and too similar to the competitors. By involving the interim marketing manager, you benefit from an expert knowledge, outside perspectives and innovative ideas that help you gain and maintain a competitive advantage.


The home market is getting too small for you and you are thinking about where to start to export and/or how to enter a new market. The interim marketing manager can help you analyse different markets, choose the best market entry strategy and support you with a suitable marketing plan.

We are Liina & Liina

The leaders in the bespoke interim marketing manager service in Estonia.
Having worked in national and international marketing and sales management for more than 15 years and now also fulfilling the role of an employer, we have an excellent understanding of the importance and necessity of effective marketing to ensure the success of a company.

In order to utilise our expert knowledge and experience, we want to help other entrepreneurs and offer a flexible, bespoke interim marketing manager service to do so. Startup and small company founders often have too many conflicting responsibilities, such as how to keep your product portfolio innovative or in which marketing channels to invest into in order to increase sales. The interim marketing manager service is perfect for companies looking for specialist marketing expertise and advice to take the right steps in marketing but who are not looking to increase labour cost in addition to current permanent staff.

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What our customers say about us

Thank you to all the great companies both in Estonia and in exporting countries who have trusted us to contribute to their business and cooperate in different projects.
Marit Alaväli

At the beginning of the cooperation, we were looking for a marketer in the Recrur team who would be able to quickly understand our business, see our challenges in marketing and sales, and thus be proactive and a solution implementer. Külalisjuht OÜ has offered all this – to focus on the main idea, to ensure fast and flexible service and initiative, not only in marketing, but also in general management and results-orientation.

Marit AlaväliRecrur Founder and CEO
Argo Jaanson

Liina & Liina have offered us the services of an interim MARKETING MANAGER, helping to map our German target groups, the specifics of export marketing and creating an effective social media marketing plan. Their long experience in foreign markets has helped us to avoid many mistakes. Thank you!

Argo JaansonMiratag Deutchland GmbH CEO
Renno Nurmela

My company imports Jerusalem artichoke products to Estonia. I know for myself that the products are very good, but I needed help to show it to others. With Liina & Liina, we quickly established the market positioning, competitor analysis and product design. I had a very good experience involving specialists who immediately grab the big picture and find the right outputs. Today we are building the Sunroot brand together and I am already looking for the reactions of Estonians.”

Renno NurmelaFounder and CEO ward to the reactions of the Estonian people
Piret Potisepp

It´s nice to work with Liina & Liina. They are punctual and keep their promises. But most importantly, they know their field and are ready to share their competence with clients. Best wishes as you conquer new markets!

Piret PotiseppDirector of Services in Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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